Business Intelligence

By using state of the art technologies, we help organizations extracting the knowledge needed to make faster, more informed and consequently better decisions

Data Science & Analytics

Big Data & Advanced analytics will drive you to generate value out of hidden data. Analyticar helps businesses to mine data and get the right insights on time.


We make use of agile methodologies and create multi-platform apps that deliver user specific needs. Our technology agnostic approaches deliver a perfect fit for every engagement.


Boost your organization skills by using our coaching on the job method. We’ll get your team ready to create tools with the latest technologies in the market.

Business Process Solutions

We provide support to your business workflows by implementing cutting edge technologies that will drive day-to-day work in a more efficient cost effective way.

Project Effectiveness

Embrace agile methodologies for cost optimization IT projects. We help clients identify potential effectiveness issues.

"There is always time for more analytics, there is always time for analyticar"


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